Hailing from Northern Ireland, producer and songwriter Mr. WA7T has released his debut EP ‘ Vada’, out now on Shooting Gallery Recordings. Built heavily around African tribal beats, manga film samples & dream-like synths, ‘Vada’ is a gorgeous kaleidoscope of influences that include the dream-like synths of tracks ‘X.T.C’, the industrial electronica of ‘Department’ and the anthemic pop of EP closer ‘Say You Don’t Love Somebody’.

To coincide with the release of ‘Vada’, Mr. WA7T released the EP’s lead single ‘Bleed On This’ feat. ___ born singer Namuli. Marrying the best of Cocteau Twins-era 4AD artists with euphoria-inducing rhythms, ‘Bleed On This’ is a beautiful slice of alt-pop that hints at the producers previous work as one-half of cult electro-pop outfit I Am A Camera, who have previously cut official remixes for the likes of Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey & Zebra Katz.

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